Church Service Begins at 10:00 am Sunday.
Please join us after for fellowship and light refreshments. Hope to see you there! 

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Distinguished Past, Daring Present, Divine Future.
          Celebrating 150 years.

Reaching into the past 

First Congregational Church has been part of the Stockton faith community for 150 years. It is also a part of the United Church of Christ. During those 150 years we have worshiped at several locations. Each of these locations filled our needs at a  particular time.

The original church was formed in 1865 and the first church building was built-in 1868 on Miner Street, about where the Bank of Stockton now stands.

The second church was erected at the corner of Park and Hunter Streets in 1910 and the third, and most well know structure was constructed at 116 W. Willow Street in 1930. This building was occupied by FCC through the new century, when the congregation voted to sell it and move into temporary quarters while looking for a home in north Stockton.

After a transitional time, members of FCC voted in February 2010 by a 100% yes vote to purchase the property at 3409 Brookside Road.

While a church is much more than a building, the possibilities for us are now endless. We sensed a bright future as both dedicated members and professionals helped make it possible for use to have our first worship services in our new location on July 4th, 2010.

Celebrating the Present 

The majority of our members individually engage in volunteerism and serve on official boards of the church. Our wish is to increase participation even more.

Sunday worship, church school, study groups, a book club, movie nights, and an active Women’s Fellowship are some of the opportunities for growth and fellowship. The annual Holiday A-fair is now in its twentieth year.

Pastor Jeff Hopson’s strong leadership and spiritual guidance keeps our focus on our relationship with God in all that we do.