Christian Education

Thank you everyone for all the help and enthusiasm with the Easter celebrations.  I know that the children enjoyed hunting for the eggs both at the church and at the Women’s Shelter.

Our children are very lucky to have such a generous and loving congregation that looks out for them.

I know that having so many “grandparents” is a very special thing that not everyone gets to experience in their life.  But, our church children are very lucky to be able to experience this unique joy every Sunday.  Thank you for letting them be a part of your lives.

I hope to be able to continue with this feeling by

starting up the Grandparent Pen Pals.  There is something truly special about receiving a letter from

someone you love.  There is anticipation and an excitement about what might be shared as new windows of understanding are opened.
A letter is a very personal gift, and in our roller-coaster world, of internet, facebook, tweets and insta-anything it’s a beautiful means of communication — one with great power.  Depending on the age of the child, of course, the topics and the depth of exploration may vary, but the process is the same.

You will never know what is going on inside a child’s mind until you take the time to unlock the doors.  Once you do, almost anything can be shared.  Most of the time letters are mostly about everyday things or simple questions they may have about you.  Sometimes it is about stuff happening in the world.  Every letter doesn’t need to address weighty issues, and there’s no crusade to imprint specific beliefs.  It’s innocent and, for lack of a better description, childlike.  The keys are honesty and showing genuine concern for each other.

At the start, write a letter and hope for an answer.  It is that simple.  If you would like to participate in the Grandparent Pen Pal activity: Please see me and I will make sure to connect you to one of our church children.

Thank you, Jennifer Carpenter, Board of Christian Education

Last month I had my first meeting, we discussed lots of ideas and events that we think will be fun for not only the children but also the congregation. We want to make sure that everyone knows that when we say “family” we mean everyone not just the people with children. Aren’t we all children of God therefore making us a Family! So keep your eyes open to new and exciting events to come.

Lent got off to a wonderful start with the children learning about sharing and giving. During the One Great Hour of Sharing the children were able to assist the ushers in the special offering and they were able to put their own “church banks” in the plates. They had been saving these for quite a while and were very excited to be able to really share. I even over heard one child say they hoped the money would be used to buy a little girl a dolly.

Every Sunday they melt my heart with something new that they discovered and realized that week. I enjoy my time with them and look forward to many more.

On a sadder note two of our students lost their mother unexpectedly this  month and I would like all healing prayers and thoughts to go to them during this painful and hard time. Having once been there the I understand what they are going through and I know time will lessen the pain. But, for now they need to remember amidst the tears and sadness smiles and laughter is acceptable and encouraged also.

Thank you to everyone who has brought in easter eggs, candy and small stuffers. I know the children are looking forward to their special hunt. It should be quite an adventure.

Forever Learning,
Jennifer Carpenter
Christian Education, Chairperson



Hello Everyone,

I am the newest chairperson for Christian Education. I am really excited about this role and the new adventure that I am embarking within the church family.   I look forward to teaching and learning with those both young and old. We have a great group of children and I hope to see more of them every Sunday. We also have a wonderful group of adults in Bible study. I have always believed that you are never too old to learn something new.  If you have any questions about the curriculum or what we are doing please feel free to ask me or email me at

Always learning,

Jennifer Carpenter





All children are welcome and encouraged to attend Sunday School.

Class starts after the children’s sermon and lasts until service is over. All parents are welcome to attend and participate.

Two classes are available.

Infant – 1st Grade

Jennifer Carpenter- teacher


2nd grade – 8th grade.

Betsy Hartenfeld- teacher

Come join in the fun.


Children’s Sermon Message for January 2014

5th                   Peace like a river dove….    

12th                 Now You See It                   

19th                 Chain Reaction                    

26th                 70 x 7  (How much can we forgive?)